Gear Up with Evangelion: Official Merch Store Now Open!

Gear Up with Evangelion: Official Merch Store Now Open!

Attention all Evangelion fans! The official Evangelion merchandise store is now open for business, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the chance to gear up with all your favorite items from the beloved anime series.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan who has been following the adventures of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and the rest of the NERV team since the series first aired in 1995 or a newcomer who has just discovered the world of Evangelion through Netflix’s recent release of Neon Genesis Evangelion, there is something for everyone at this new online store.

From clothing and accessories to home decor and collectibles, this store has everything you need to show off your love for Evangelion shop in style. Want to rock a t-shirt featuring your favorite EVA unit? They’ve got it. Looking for a keychain or phone case adorned with iconic imagery from the series? You’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Need some new wall art or figures to add to your collection? Look no further – they have it all.

One of the highlights of this new merchandise store is its exclusive line of limited-edition items that can only be found here. These special pieces are perfect for serious collectors looking to add something truly unique to their collection. Whether it’s a rare figure signed by one of the creators or an art print featuring original concept sketches, these limited-edition items are sure to become prized possessions for any true Evangelion fan.

In addition to offering an extensive selection of products, this official merchandise store also provides fans with access to behind-the-scenes content and updates on upcoming releases. From interviews with voice actors and animators to sneak peeks at upcoming collaborations and events, there is always something new and exciting happening in the world of Evangelion – and this store is your one-stop shop for staying in-the-know.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the official Evangelion merchandise store today and start shopping! Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for gifts for fellow fans, there is no shortage of amazing products waiting for you. And with new items being added regularly, you’ll want to check back often so you don’t miss out on any must-have pieces.

Gear up with Evangelion today – because when it comes to showing off your love for this iconic series, there’s no better way than sporting some awesome merch from the official store!






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