What Do You Think About the Tamil Movie ManmadhaLeelai?

What Do You Think About the Tamil Movie ManmadhaLeelai?

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The Cast

ManmadhaLeelai is one of the latest Tamil adult comedy movies that has won the hearts of the audience. The director of this Tamil movie is Venkat Prabhu, and the music director is PremgiAmaren. The cast of this latest Tamil movie includes Ashok Selvan, RiyaSuman, SamyukthaHegde, SmruthiVenkat and many more. If you want to get some laughs, then this is the movie that you need to watch.

The Story

The plot of this movie is about various events that happen in two entirely different periods. In 2010, Sathya (Ashok Selvan), a college student, visited the house of Poorni (SamyukthaHegde), with whom he has been chatting a lot online. When the father (Jayaprakash) gets out of town, he forms a plan to get laid with Poorni.

In 2010, Sathya (now a fashion designer) invited Leela (Riya Suman) to his house for a one-night stand. As his wife Anu (SmruthiVenkat) has gone out of the house to visit her parents, he sees it as the best opportunity to fulfil his desires. This movie is mainly about how a wrong decision can change the course of life.


ManmadhaLeelai is a movie you must watch if you like adult comedy. If you wish towatch online movies, this is a movie you cannot miss. The best thing about this Tamil movie is the acting of Ashok Selvan, which is great. He can portray the role of a savvy businessman and various comedy scenes. He looks good enough for women to fall for him, and he does full justice to his role.

SamyukthaHegde also plays her role well, and her innocence helps elevate her character, and sometimes, her character may shock you. You can consider Riya Suman as the glamorous doll of the movie, and she looks great. SrumthiVenkat also does a great job in her role. 

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